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2.4kW/2400W Corona Paraffin Inverter Space Heater

(MiniMax Model)

  • Inverter MINIMAX

  • State of the art digital liquid fuel heater

  • Virtually 100% efficient

  • Virtually odourless operation when powered by C1 premium paraffin

  • Power: from 750W to 2400W

  • Heating capacity: 90 cubic meters

  • Up to 50 hours heating from a single 4L tank of fuel

  • Consumption: min 0.08 litres per hour - max 0.24 litres per hour

  • 24 hour programming (Can be programmed to switch on at any set time)

  • Digital temperature control

  • Very quiet when in operation

  • Built-in whisper quiet fan provides hot convection airflow throughout the room

  • ECO button (switches the heater off when met with the desired room temperature, then starts back up when the temperature falls below the set figure)

  • Multi parameter safety sensor system with automatic shutdown

  • Cool side walls (eliminates burn risk)

  • Low fuel warning alarm on the display

  • Motion sensor (If knocked/bumped into, the heater will cut out for safety)

  • Child lock (heater functions become inoperable when pressed)

  • Dimensions: 39cm high x 31cm width x 31cm deep

  • 4-year warranty


£269.99 inc VAT & Delivery