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2.4kW/2400W Corona Paraffin Wick Space Heater  

(RX-2485 Model)

  • 2400W/2.4kW heat output

  • Totally portable - no wires, no pipes, no flue

  • Runs on C1 paraffin available for delivery from ourselves

  • Requires NO external electricity source - ideal for remote locations or in power cuts

  • Up to 17 hours use from one 4.0L tank

  • Suitable for rooms sizes of 40-100m3

  • Virtually odourless operation when powered by C1 premium paraffin

  • Automatic Battery Ignition

  • Anti-topple cut-off sensor

  • Approximate dimensions: 50cm High x 44cm Wide x 30cm Depth

  • Weight 10Kg

  • 4-year warranty




£139.99 inc VAT & Delivery