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Heating Oil Tank Installation & Removal Service

Cliff Crook & Sons work closely with our sister company Pro-Oil Tanks & Uplifts to make sure that our delivery customers receive the best heating fuel oil tank installation service. We offer a fully comprehensive service that ensures that every aspect of your oil storage tank needs are well taken care of. The services we offer are:


  • Tank Installation

  • Tank Removal

  • Tank Supply

  • Maintenance

  • Fire Proofing

  • Tank Bases

  • Oil Pipework Plumbing

  • Insurance Work Undertaken

  • Emergency Call Outs


**All work carried out is fully insured, carried out as per OFTEC & Building Regulations and with complete regard for the environment!**


Removal of an old, leaky steel tank and replaced with a new, 1250 litre plastic bunded tank and it's enclosure lined with fire rated boards.

Removal of defective heating oil tank and replaced with a 2500 litre plastic bunded tank, inside a constructed fire rated chamber and the oil safely transfered back into the tank.

Have you had your heating fuel oil tank checked recently?

We recommend that you have your oil tank checked annually to make sure that your tank and pipework is structurally adequate, in good serviceable condition and not leaking. With having these checks carried out, potential or occuring faults can be identified and rectified as soon as possible and avoid environmental environmental hazards. If you suspect that your heating oil tank is leaking, or have an over-powering smell of heating oil coming from around your tank, dont hesitate to call us. We can respond quicker than any other company and have replace tanks with only a few hours notice before now!

**Telephone: 07534992840 / 01254 51089 (Option 2)**

Is your oil tank in an obsure location that requires the use of an hydraulic crane to remove it?

If your oil tank is in a difficult place, for example, behind walls, bushes etc. We can remove it with the help of hydraulic lifting equipment and strategic planning to ensure that it is removed safely and cleanly.

Are you switching to renewable energy?

If you are switching from oil fired central heating to a renewable energy system, give us a call as we can pay you to remove your old heating oil tank and your tanks contents, yes, PAY YOU for the removal!

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No job too small!

Whether it is a big job or a small job, we are at your service! No job is too small and we treat every job with the same professionalism as the last. Put your trust in Pro-Oil Tanks to get the job done, quickly and cleanly.


We pride ourselves on our quick response time, excellent customer service and cost effective approach!



Removal of old oil tank & con tents to make way for a renewable bio-mass installation