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"Cliff Crook & Sons have supplied our heating oil for the last 25 years. We have enjoyed their courteous, friendly and efficient service. As they have always offered a competitive price, we have had no reason to change supplier."


Carole White, Longridge

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"Having moved from a property with a gas boiler to one which runs on heating oil I had quite a steep learning curve, from managing our stock to the system itself. After our second delivery we realised we had some quite serious and urgent problems with our tank which had corroded badly and had begun to leak so I phoned up to ask for advice, not expecting the service I got. I was amazed by the lengths which they went to help me. Within 24 hours I had a replacement temporary tank, my oil stock saved and a massive problem solved. I cant recommend Cliff Crook and Sons highly enough."


"In short, the price is right and the service from this small family run firm is without doubt the best I have ever received from any industry, ever!"


Tim Emmerton, Wheelton

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"They have never let us down in all the years in all weathers... Brilliant!"


Tracey Mayors, Mellor

"In 1995 I decided to change my central heating from solid fuel to a less labour intensive type. Residing in the countryside, natural gas was not available so I installed a heating oil boiler and all I had to do now was to find a reliable supplier of heating oil. I was recommended Cliff Crook and Sons Ltd, a reliable family firm and contacted them to explain what type of burner I had installed. I followed their advice on size of oil tank and the fittings I would need and within a couple of days I was up and running. I have from that day purchased my heating oil from Cliff Crook & Sons and they are one of those rare firms that totally look after their customers, making every effort regardless of weather conditions to keep their customers supplied. If you are looking for customer satisfaction then I highly recommend Cliff Crook & Sons."


Jim Turner, Tockholes

"I have always been impressed with the customer service at Cliff Crook & Sons, whether it has been the odd occasion on which I have needed a same day delivery of fuel, or on one occasion we were cut off because of snow and a delivery was made by a pick up truck with small drums of oil and an electric pump!"


Phil Walker, Grindleton

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